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"I help you find healthy ways to nurture yourself."

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"My performance as the featured vocalist at Jazz Vespers reached a noticeable new height--after only 2 sessions with Joanna.  People raved about my performance.

Joanna, you offer a unique, wonderful support that's just perfect for me-- and I have been looking for years.  You are calm, loving, and non-judgmental.

I love your powerful combination of healing and energy techniques for dissolving blocks."


Rhonda Robinson, www.RhondaRobinsonMusic.com

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Yoga Classes & Personal Instruction
in the Greater Baltimore Area

Yoga Nidra Meditation
Deep Relaxation for All Levels

A Body-Based Transformative Process

Moving From Pain to Joy ~ A Resource for Survivors of Traumatic Experience

Less Stress Makes You Smarter, Happier
and More Successful Workshop


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