"Yoga, instructed by Joanna Brandt, has changed my life..."

I have been practicing yoga with Joanna for six years now. Because she varies routines and poses and provides options for beginning to advanced students, the classes are never the same. 

Joanna has taught me how to honor my body, the importance of breathing, to challenge myself by taking my practice to a point of interest – not pain and to let the bliss bubble up.   

Her teaching and my practice have given me my life back. I am not saying that yoga cured me. What I am saying is that I am pain free the vast majority of the time and when I do have pain, I know what to do to help myself. I am happier and generally more at peace. 

I hope to be practicing yoga with Joanna for many years to come. 


"Beginning to meditate is easy with this kind of coaching..."

My first week of meditation has been wonderful. Even on the first day, I noticed I had more energy. I had a party at my house that night. I was planning to rest for a while in the afternoon, but it wasn't necessary. In addition, I have felt more relaxed at work in spite of being unusually busy.”
~ PA 

This works very will with my yoga practice. I am finding that I meditate deeper after yoga class. After meditation I remain calmer longer and am more clear-headed in my thinking. Plus I have more energy. Since I've been mediating I've found way more satisfaction in my daily life. I think the satisfaction is developing as a result of making choices from a more personal place, which I am coming to know through meditating.”
~ JP

More meditators rave!

"This is easy and I will be able to easily incorporate it into my life."

"This has been a wonderful jumpstart for me to begin meditating daily."

"It was everything I was looking for!"

"I sought Yoga Therapy with Joanna upon learning that I was pregnant with my first child."

After struggling with depression and anxiety for much of my life, I feared that I would not be emotionally ready for the challenges inherent to pregnancy and motherhood.  I entered my first session with Joanna with my typically tense, tight body and my nervous, rapidly running mind.  

Joanna met my unsettled self with patience, calm and kindness, and began a gently progressing process of uncovering places in my body and mind which had become stuck and rigid. 

I was delighted to find that my mind and body would respond to encouragement to be creative;  my heart could determine what was needed to assist me in calming and thinking clearly. 

Joanna consistently demonstrated a wealth of humor and encouragement as my sessions continued, sharing with me her observations and always seeking my feedback as well.  

My sessions were very special experiences for me, as I realized that the place in me where my growing baby resided was where I felt most joyful, strong and centered.


"It’s the improvement in my overall being that’s the real, true benefit ..."

I started a yoga class with Joanna Brandt to improve my flexibility for competitive swimming ...What I got is so much more. I leave each class or personal session calm, focused, and frequently transformed.  

Private sessions with Joanna are astonishing.  I feel connected to everything, physically inside myself and to the world at large. I have the feeling of Limitless Possibilities.  So while my flexibility has certainly improved, it’s the improvement in my overall being that’s the real, true benefit .  


"I am grateful to have Joanna in my life..."

Joanna is always upbeat and enthusiastic with a sense of humor thrown in yet she is also caring and attentive to individual needs. My friend and I have been practicing yoga with Joanna for 6+ years. We had previously experienced instruction that pushed us beyond our comfort zone and Joanna is exactly the opposite. 

She encourages and reminds you to know your limits and love yourself as you are. She also expands her interests beyond yoga instruction and is always sharing her ideas.  She has improved my outlook and repeatedly renews my spirit.


"Joanna's Yoga-Inspired Coaching is a unique, wonderful support that's just perfect for me..."

....and I have been searching for years.  Joanna is calm, loving, and non-judgmental. I love her powerful combination of healing and energy techniques for dissolving blocks.

After just two sessions my performance at Jazz Vespers reached a new height.   I had a new openness.  I took some chances and I think I let more of myself out.  I was strong and firm as bandleader, handling several challenges with ease during rehearsal.  

Attendees raved about my performance and many said they were definitely coming back.